Friday, 1 August 2014

Updates for Accommodation and Parking

    1.  Just to be clear, if you have looked for rooms at The Millstone At Mellor (our base) and the website has told you it's full... DON'T BELIEVE IT! :-)
    We still have 6 or 7 rooms set aside specifically for our wedding so you need to call 01254 813333 and press "2" to speak to someone directly. If the person you speak to is unsure about our rooms or rates, ask to speak to Anson or Tim, and they'll sort it out.
    The discounted room rate is £85 (for double/twin with 2 breakfasts). Bear in mind that if you stay here, you'll likely save on taxi fares! ;-)
    2.  If you would like to come to Blackburn Registry Office (within King George's Hall) in the morning, there's lots of room, so please do. It'll be short and sweet (if a little stoic), but it is the "official" marriage bit, I guess!

    If you're coming by car then there is free parking (on Saturdays) in the council car parks. The closest to the Registry is on Fielden Street, BB2 1LL. You can probably get from your car to sitting in the Registry in 5 minutes...

     3.  There's a small car park next to Holy Souls church, but you can also park pretty much anywhere on the road outside.

    4.  Ron & José's neighbours have kindly suggested that cars coming to Ramsgreave Lodge can park on their field across from the house (or if it's too wet, along the private road behind their farm). If you will be wearing high heels, it may be prudent to find a curteous driver to drop you off at the house before they park up! ;-)

    For those who aren't driving, you may well be able to get lifts with some of us, or other guests. Otherwise it should be easy enough for us to order extra taxis on the day.

Mellor & District Private Hire - 01254 814400
Greenwood Gdn Products, Mellor Lane. BB2 7JR

Adams Private Hire - 01254 249007
Knowles Arms Hotel, Pleckgate Rd, Blackburn. BB1 8QW

Saturday, 19 July 2014

If you're reading this on a mobile...

If you're looking at this via a phone, iPad or similar, you'll be seeing a simplified version of the site. 

Rather than writing "posts" (which scroll down the page in reverse date order) I've put the main information in "pages" which are a bit more permanent. 

You can get at them by clicking where it says HOME (near the top of this page) and it should show you a list of titles to chose from - Hello, Accommodation, Gift List etc. 

Hope you all find what you're looking for, but if not, please leave a comment here or contact us by phone or email (details in your invitation). 

Thanks very much, M&M x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Wedding Gift List for Marianne and Mark

Hello to all you lovely people who have managed to find your way here.

First off, Mark and I would like to make it clear that we absolutely do not expect presents from anyone. It's obviously not why we're getting married - if it was, we probably would have done this years ago...!  :-D

However, several lovely and generous people have enquired about a gift list, so we've tried to set something up here. We decided we don't want to go down the established route (what a surprise, eh?) of selecting specific items all from one place, which seemed quite limiting and probably overpriced! We would rather just give you an idea of the sorts of things we might need or want for our new home together, but let you shop around and hopefully add something of yourselves to the gift. Not literally - that would be icky...

Of course I know there are plenty of imaginative and creative types amongst you, so if you'd rather find/do/create something completely different and personal, that would be fantastic too!

We would also be extremely grateful for anyone who wanted to eschew a gift in favour of a charity donation, to consider giving to one or more of our preferred charities (which I'll write more about on the list).

Many thanks again to anyone who is happy to help us out in this way - we're very grateful to have you be a part of our celebration, and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Much love,
Marianne and Mark.