Plan for The Day

     Mark & I will be going to Blackburn Registry Office (within King George's Hall, BB2 1AA) at 11:15am to pay our money, sign the register and do all that legally binding stuff.  We're not intending to make a big deal out of it, but there's plenty of room if anyone wants to come along.  It should only take 15 or 20 minutes, so there'll be a bit of a break after that.  We'll probably take a few photos, then go back to The Millstone to finish getting ready.

     At 1pm Father Knowles will conduct a blessing service at Holy Souls Church, which will be the main focus of our celebration; pretty flowers, fancy ties and hats, Marianne arriving late, hymns, readings, exchanging rings and all that good stuff!  (For anyone who is so inclined, Farther Knowles has said that all guests are welcome to attend his regular 12pm service beforehand, particularly if you wish to take communion on the day as it won't be part of our blessing service). Afterwards, we'll do some more photos (fingers crossed it’s not raining). Flower petal confetti to throw and bubbles to blow...

     If you're coming with us for the meal (huge apologies to those we couldn't squeeze in - it's fairly limited in numbers but we couldn't not invite you to share the most important bit at the church!) then we head up the road to The Millstone At Mellor.  It will depend somewhat on how long we spend taking photos and saying hello to everyone, but we're vaguely aiming to start the meal around 3pm.
We'll get booted out of the restaurant about 5:30, though we can still hang around for a little while - there's a bar area, a couple of coffee lounges and tables outside if it's fine. 

     If you haven't had enough celebrating yet, please come back to Ron & José's with us for the rest of the evening. There's no official disco as such, but feel free to dance where you can if you get the urge!  We’ll have drinks and snacks, potentially a little live piano playing from some of the younger guests (or older ones too, if you've got hidden talents you'd like to share!) and lots of games to play if you're in the mood.  Not all of them are silly, I promise... ;-D

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